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Evolved CMS

The Evolved CMS is a custom-built, updatable website refined over 15 years. It’s easy to use, highly flexible and is completely cross-browser compatible. With no special skills, software or training you can update everything on your website in seconds.

  • Intuitive to use

    Intuitive to use

    We've kept it simple, and added some sophisticated features like bulk-uploading and drag ‘n drop to make the Evolved CMS very intuitive to use.

  • Non-technical


    The Evolved CMS needs no technical know-how or computer saavy. Its built to automate 90% of the workload for you, so you don’t need to learn about HTML, meta tags or SEO.

  • Content


    Text, also known as content, is the heart and soul of a good website. Our intuitive Admin makes creating links & emails easy, lets you copy and paste from Word and you don’t need any new skills to do it.

  • Images


    Take the hard work out of images on your website, with bulk-uploading, automatic resizing / compressing and images stored in one central location.

  • Pages


    All your website pages are organised in folders, just like a computer, with limitless sub-levels and possibilities.

  • Movies


    Add high quality, fast-loading movies in formats like Quicktime, YouTube or Windows Media.

  • Documents


    Pdfs, Word and other documents are easily added & displayed on an Evolved CMS website with all the features you’d expect; bulk-upload, 1-click-selection and drag ‘n drop reordering.

  • Products


    Selling products with minimum fuss and maximum effect. The Evolved Products area has built-in search engine features, shopping cart and 1 page checkout.

Website services

Our websites are already fast, clean and loved by search engines and visitors alike. This is just the beginning of a dynamic website that grows and changes with your business, our complementary services include:

  • Website Consulting

    Website Consulting

    We offer 3 website audit packages, and can create a custom audit to suit your needs.

  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Our graphic designers turn your ideas into striking and functional designs.

  • Photography and copywriting

    Photography and copywriting

    Professionally shot photos are the cornerstone of great websites and Crafting website text for an internet audience.

  • Hosting


    State-of-the-art hosting servers, with guaranteed 99.9% uptime & outstanding support.

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